A MEANINGFUL LOGO Designing logos is one of our very favorite opportunities. We work with new or existing businesses to create a one-of-a-kind logo. Proper thought and research are at the heart of our logo development projects. For us, logo design isn’t just about what it looks like, but what it means Your logo is truly the foundation of your brand. Business owners typically understand this fact, but people ask “what makes a logo timeless?” The answer is intention. We work with you. We listen to your story. We consider your audience. Every decision that we make at Solve is on purpose and has meaning. When your company has a logo that means something unique, it will always stand up against the tests of time – and fad.
VISUAL IDENTITY A company with a great visual identity system always makes a strong statement. Companies are often excited to learn that beautiful stationery doesn’t have to break the bank. What if you had a marketing tool for a business card? What if your envelope or stationery created a conversation? We’d say that’s what success looks like. Business Cards Letterhead Envelopes Branded Pocket Folders
Creative Box Design Studio is more than just a solution for graphic design needs. We believe that the very best of who we are and what we offer is found in our brains. Our understanding of how each piece of the marketing puzzle works together makes us unique. There is no cookie-cutter approach to the gazillion dollar question, “How can my business get noticed?” Each client brings a different requirement to the table and deserves to have an individualized plan created to give them the very best opportunity to succeed. Our list of services includes: Branding/Identity Print Design Video & 2D Animation